E3 2017 [Preview Show]: How Marvelous!

If you enjoyed reading our daily "E3odus" previews for next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, then we guaran-damn-tee you're gonna love this: why, our E3 2017 Preview Podcast!

No gimmicks. No funny church names. Just 3 geeks talking Holiday 2017, 2018, and--all the more likely for some--2019 video games we expect to see showcased at the Big One, either at any of the 6 big media briefings from Sat through Tuesday (morning), or, better, Tuesday through Thursday on the Los Angeles Convention Center's massive showroom floor.

So, join our Sony PlayStation-fanboy loving, "Aztec" Artez Bayley, your usual Xbox One-praising, drunken fanboy host-with-the-most, "Monsignor" Travis Moody, and, for the second year in a row, our very special guest (via "satellite"), @OffTheGeekEnd's own "Saint" Patrick Obloy

Did we miss any games? Endorse too many you think will bomb? Pick your favorite mouth-watering titles? Of course, let us know on the tweetstream @GodHatesGeeks.

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