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April 10th, 2017    

SUNDAY SOLO SMARKCAST [Ep. 1]: NJPW Sakura Genesis / Indie Wrestling Wrap-Up from #WrestleManiaWeekend.

Join the Ringside Apostles' "Monsignor" Travis Moody, as he explores the entire indie wrestling scene from #WrestleManiaWeekend in Orlando (ROH, EVOLVE, PW Revolver, CZW, WrestleCon, RevPro, Beyond, GCW, etc.) and a full review of last night's NJPW Sakura Genesis PPV.




April 6th, 2017    

WONDERCON 2017 [Wrap-Up Show]: The Geek-Us Contract.

Sorry we're late; but. there was a little thing that was on the Monsignor's mind: #WrestleMania. Still, this year's WonderCon was an exceptional show across the board. And--whether you've been experienced all of the joy the Anaheim geek showcase has to offer, or not--you'd do worse not to hear our FIREBALL of show, live in the cosplay-filled halls of the Anaheim Convention Center, with a pair of special guests, to boot.

So, join the likes of your trusty host Travis "X-O" Moodywar, longtime convention-covering vet "Divine" Derek Vigeant, and GHG's newest geekspert, "Pastor" Kevin Palma (who doesn't hold back, and goes at Moody!), so discuss all the happenings in and around the convention, including some insight into the Anaheim nightlife and our exclusive premiere review (with ZERO spoilers) of the latest DC Animated film, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.

If the red podbean widget above doens't do it, you can find all of our podcasts on iTunes by searching "godhatesgeeks"! See you in June at E32017!!!


April 3rd, 2017    

WWE WRESTLEMANIA 33 [Ringside Apostles Wrap-Up]:

After the #TooMuchWrestling weekend that was WrestleMania 33's, we had just one more push in us to get over and wrap-up this exasperating marathon event. So imagine the people actually in Orlando (who sat through Progress/WWN/WrestleCon/GCW/Beyond/RPW/PWRevolver/EVOLVE and, of course, NXT TakeOver: Orlando). Yeah, we touch upon that last one too.

Joining your trust host the "Monsignor" Travis Moody, was the "Archangel" Artez Bailey and--live via Satellite from Boston, Massachusetts--"Pastor" Shawn Puff. We touch several points in wrestling beyond the matches, like the new #SmarkEra, the crowd reaction to Mania and looking beyond the legacy of the "Deadman" The Undertaker. We hope you enjoy it!


March 19th, 2017    

RINGSIDE APOSTLES [ROH 15th Anniversary Show]: Flying Angel.

LIVE from just outside the PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla) headquarters in lovely Reseda, California, are the Ringside Apostles -- the literal Ringside Apostles -- and our review of the "live in Las Vegas" experience from the ROH 15th Anniversary! It was a weekend to be had with Ring of Honor, and we want you all to hear it.

Also, returning as your host is the one and only, "Bishop" Richard Zom, Moody "Omega", and special guests, the "Hulk" Joe McQueen and Glenn "Cream Puff" Axe (inside joke, heh). We sincerely hope you enjoy the raw, unedited, on location experience!


March 6th, 2017    

RINGSIDE APOSTLES [WWE / PWG / NJPW / ROH]: Only Kings Understand the ‘Honor’!

Moody and Tony "The Demon" Valenti re-cap Fastlane, Only Kings Understand Each Other, and Honor Rising, while previewing what's in store for ROH (15th anniversary), PWG (Nice Boys), and NJPW (World Cup).


February 10th, 2017    

RINGSIDE APOSTLES [NJPW / WWE / PWG Weekend Preview]: To ‘The New Beginning’!

Small solo show with Moody, previewing NJPW's New Beginnings in Osaka, WWE's Elimination Chamber, and PWG's Only Kings Understand Each Other next weekend.



December 23rd, 2016    

RINGSIDE APOSTLES [The Apostle Awards Show]: Only ‘The Elite’.

You read our first annual Apostle Awards, but the "Monsignor" Travis Moody, JaDarrel "The" Belser, and "Angelic" Destiny Edwards give you the why behind the choices. We also preview the next big wrestling PPV event, NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 11, in addition to our projections and predictions for 2017.


November 21st, 2016    

SURVIVOR SERIES 2016 [Ringside Apostle Review Show]: 5-Minutes Alone.

In this special "One Man Band" edition of the Ringside Apostles podcast, I, the "Monsignor" Travis Moody has his 50-minutes alone--at least 45-minutes longer than Lesnar had in the ring tonight with "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar.

Yeah, Survivor Series 2016 was fantasy warfare realized alright.

Fitting, that in addition to my thoughts on this weekend's WWE & NXT events, I also break down the reason why that main event happened in the second place: WWE 2K17. In the final segment of the show, I talk Universe Mode in-depth, patch & DLC improvements and my Top 12 Wish List Items for WWE 2K18.

Hope you like.




November 2nd, 2016    

THE WALKING DEAD [Season 7 Interview]: Karl Makinen.


September 30th, 2016    

GHG Presents… #GeekSwag Radio [Vol. 2]: Funky 4 + 1.

Yo! It's been a long time... we shouldn't have left you...

That's right. #GeekSwagRadio, Vol. 2 is finally here and it's a very special "Tip-Off" edition, as GHG reviews the year's most anticipated sports game, NBA 2K17. Meanwhile...

...your host (and audio engineer!) "Brother" Myke Ladiona, "Monsignor" Travis Moody and special guest -- Milwaukee's finest on the m-i-c -- "Dukalion" Ahkil Este GET DOWN to the highly talked about said-and-sassy Netflix origin of hip-hop joint; stroll through Atlanta with FX's latest endeavor into #GeekSwag; and offer up a special preview of the Luke Cage series on Netflix.

[caption id="attachment_14141" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Myke, Moody, Ahkil Myke, Moody, Ahkil[/caption]

Yes, our 2nd ep is certified DOPE! Don't miss it!


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